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Below are Amy's services for expecting moms, doula candidates, and birthing professionals.

Doula Childbirth Class + Workshop

Doula Training

  • Three-Day Course
  • Includes Breastfeeding Class
  • Doula Childbirth Class Available
  • Meals and Beverages Provided

Basic + Advanced

Childbirth Classes

  • One Weekend
  • Labor Coping Techniques
  • Labor + Delivery Options
  • What to Expect Postpartum

Labor Coping Skills

Peanut Ball DVD

  • Peanut Ball DVD + Labor Coping Skills
  • Peanut Ball Guide: Hospital Setting
  • Peanut Ball Guide: Non-Hospital Setting
  • Labor Coping Skills Guide

Empowering women through


Childbirth education is so important for any expecting mom and her husband or partner. Because we lead busy lives and live in an even busier area, I provide childbirth classes that you can complete in one weekend. My childbirth classes are not your boring, run-of-the-mill hospital classes. After taking my class, you will feel confident in your birthing abilities. Knowing practical information is a powerful tool for banishing fear. You will be ready to embrace labor and your journey into parenthood.

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Fun, fast, and fabulous childbirth classes and products

Whether you are just getting started in your pregnancy or are nearing the end, you have come to the right place. You will learn about how nutrition affects your labor, the stages of labor, positioning of momma and baby before and during labor, how to manage contractions, how to push effectively, all the different medication options and how to reduce their risks, c-sections, and how to communicate with your care provider.

Peanut Ball DVD + Labor Guides


The DVD is a one of a kind training tool on the proper techniques of using the Peanut Ball and several unique labor coping skills. It contains unique and fun skills that are clear and easy to remember. The laminated guide pages include visual instructions on how to use the peanut ball in a hospital setting, how to use the peanut ball out of a hospital setting, and labor coping techniques

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What People Think

"I can never say thank you enough for all you help and support during my long labor! I really couldn't have gone so long with out an epidural if it wasn't for you and your wonderful support both at my home and at the hospital." - The parents of baby Alexis

My rating is for both Amy's services as a doula and for her childbirth classes. I just gave birth to my third child. ...

Posted by Stephanie Wolfe Hanson on Saturday, May 6, 2017


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