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Amy Bookwalter is a labor doula with over 30 years of experience. She is also a certified childbirth educator and doula trainer.

About Amy Bookwalter

About Rosebud Doula Services

Amy Bookwalter has more than 30 years of experience as a birth doula and received certifications through both CAPPA and DONA. Amy is also a certified doula trainer and childbirth educator. As a mother of nine (eight sons and one daughter), she has grown her passion for supporting and educating women throughout their pregnancies, births, and postpartum journeys through her work as a doula and childbirth educator.

Amy also received training and worked as a Physical Therapist Assistant. Amy uses her past medical training in addition to her personal childbirth experiences and doula training to help moms have a more comfortable and enjoyable pregnancy, labor, and delivery. 

Amy's Doula Certifications and Education

Amy's doula certifications, childbirth training, and formal education include:

  • CAPPA, Certified Labor Doula (CLD)
  • DONA International, Certified Labor Doula (CD)
  • Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE)
  • Trained through Academy of Husband-Coached Childbirth (The Bradley Method)
  • Authorized peanut ball trainer
  • Childhood Sexual Abuse and its Impact on the Woman in Later Childbearing with Penny Simpkin
  • Lamaze International Creativity, Connection and Commitment Supporting Teens During Pregnancy
  • Supporting Woman Through Perinatal Loss, with Miriam Maslin
  • Gabriel Project
  • Spinning Babies with Gail Tully
  • Illinois Central College, Associate Degree in Applied Science, Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA)

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Birthing Experiences

Amy has assisted laboring moms in all the major hospitals in Northern Virginia as well as George Washington University Hospital, Sibley Hospital in Washington, DC, as well as two military hospitals in the area. Amy also has experience with birthing centers, home births, and home water births.

In addition, Amy has experience with non-medicated births, slightly medicated births, VBAC's, inductions, augmentations, epidurals, vacuum births, scheduled cesarean births, and non-scheduled cesarean births. Amy has worked with single moms, married couples, partners, and moms placing their baby with adoptive families as well.

Home Water Birth
Scheduled C-Section
Home Birth
Non-Medicated Hospital Birth


    I have had the pleasure to train with the best of the best in the birthing industry.

    Barbara Harper - Waterbirth International
    Penny Simkins - Co-founder of DONA international
    Gail Tully - Founder of Spinning Babies
    Cheri Grant -
    The Peanut Ball Lady
    Marilyn Alger - Labor doula and birth assistant
    Ina May Gaskin - Midwife
    December 25, 1987 -
    The first doula baby

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