Amy's Philosophy

Learn about Amy's birth philosophy and approach to being a doula.

I believe that:

  • Motherhood begins at the moment of conception and not as the result of birth.
  • Children are always a blessing.
  • Our bodies are designed to give birth to our babies.
  • Childbirth is a natural process and can usually take place without medical intervention.
  • The laboring mom's decision regarding pain medication should be respected.
  • All expectant moms and partners/families should be treated with respect during visits to their health care provider, during labor, delivery and their hospital stay.
  • Expectant moms and their husbands/partners have a right to be informed about their alternatives when it comes to health care options. This includes alternatives in places of birth, health care providers, medications, interventions, and procedures.
  • All laboring moms should be given equal opportunity to birth in an environment that she feels safe.
  • The home birth is safe for moms with low-risk pregnancies and that have a qualified midwife and birth assistant in attendance.
  • Most moms can breastfeed their babies successfully with the right support and this support should be made available to all lactating moms.

"One fall when a frost was predicted I went out to pick as many roses as possible to save them from the frost. As I placed them in an arrangement it dawned on me that I was being given a gift that day. The gift was to see the roses open at differing speeds depending on how mature they were when picked. Within days all had opened but a couple. They had been picked when so immature that they never advanced from the tightly closed bud. God does have a perfect plan, and each rose bud is programmed to open as the petals soften and gently open to show their full beauty. He also programs the mother's body and when her body is ready for birth the cervix softens and gently opens as the powerful uterus contracts."

All roses don't open at the same speed but they do open. Unless they are picked when the buds are too immature. The cervix will open at it's own rate of speed but it will open. Unless labor is forced to progress when the cervix and uterous are not ready. It takes trust and patience before we see the beauty.

By Carol Robers, RN, LCCE, CD(DONA)

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Dad, What is this lane on the highway called again?? Is it the OB/GYN lane?
No, it's called the HOV lane.

Why is our new baby crying mommy?
He was circumsized today.
WHAT?!? He has syrup in his eyes???

One of the younger brothers (of many brothers) saw his first new baby sister get her diapers changed. He was shocked! "Where are her parts!", he asked rather concerned. Mother calmly answered and said , "Well, these are little girl parts". He really had no idea what to think about that. A few days later he saw his little sister crying and said, "well I know why she is crying, she wants her parts back!"

What is that thing called that comes out of the newborns tummy? The "extension" cord?

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